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CrossFit - 60 min. sessions. Most sessions we will work on skills and strength exercises followed by a workout. The sessions typically follow a Warm Up > Skill/Strength>WOD format but may differ some days. You will always get a sweat on!

Weightlifting - 75-90 min. sessions. These sessions will focus on the two Olympic Lifts, Clean and Jerk and Snatch. These sessions are designed to work on your technique and build strength in the movement. Being able to do these movements efficiently will aid your CrossFit performance and enjoyment. 

Strength Club - 90 min. sessions. Time to lift. Every wanted to improve your 1RM? Strength Club will give you the tools to improve your Squat, Press and Deadlift. The personal approach to this class requires you to know your current 1RM so a % system can be used to ensure the program is tailored to your needs/ability. 

Conditioning Club - 60 min. sessions. Finding CrossFit tough? We never said it would be easy. However, these sessions are designed to get your engine up to scratch. Improve your baseline fitness with these high intensity classes. We have ditched the barbell to ensure you can focus on completing the workout, without the worry of complex movements. 

Rowing - 60 min. Sessions. Rowing is a great way to improve overall fitness. For those with our Open Gym membership the rower is a great tool to fill the gaps. Maybe its a 2000m TT, a 1min max effort or even a Marathon. Ensure your technique is right and you are getting the most from the rower. Each session you will get a rower to yourself. We will work on various drills and accessory exercises. Can you get on the sub-7min 2000m Board?

ROMWOD - Tuesday 30 mins. / Thursday 60 mins. Finding the time to do mobility is tough. These sessions will be lead by video instruction but will have a coach to help with set-up, equipment and execution. Once you have done 3-4 you will be able to take some movements away and use them daily when you have a space 15 mins! 

Skill Sessions - 60 min. sessions. These sessions will follow a timetable available at the box. We will work on two skills over a 4 week period. The skills will alternate. For example week 1 - Muscle-Ups / week 2 - Kipping / week 3 - Muscle-Ups / week 4 - Kipping. The session timetable will be available 1 month     in advance.