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​E.T - I had a fab personal trainer at my previous gym who competed in Crossfit which is what made me check this place out. I absolutely love it! Crossfit is like having a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost - it's perfect for me as I'm completely unmotivated by a regular gym. After 2 babies and a few years of attempting and failing to keep up the gym I feel really happy here. Every class is different - this week I've been skipping, running, lifting weights, even doing handstands... Everyone is really friendly, the owners are fab and really motivate you to keep going and push yourself. I could not recommend this place highly enough!

G.M - I'm a newbie to cross fit but I'm hooked after just two weeks. The guys who run it are great fun and there is a great group of people who go. Cross Fit will help you achieve your personal fitness goals. The workout routines are always different which keeps things interesting and fresh. Highly recommended!

Z.C - I'd never tried cross fit before and was a little bit daunted at first as it was very different to my gym. Have to say I love it and after only 3 weeks I feel fitter and healthier ! It's fun too and everyone is really friendly. I miss it now if I've not been for a few days.

A.D - I've wanted to join crossfit for a long time so I was very excited when this one opened 2 minutes from my house, having never done crossfit before I was pretty much starting from scratch with all the moves but with the amazing support and encouragement from the trainers I'm now attempting to do and lift weights I would have never dreamed of going near in an ordinary gym. I can honestly saying leaving pure gym for CFA was the best thing I've ever done and I couldn't imagine going back!!

B.W - I've had, and continue to have, a really superb experience at Crossfit Altrincham. Run by two really knowledgeable coaches who go out of their way to push and improve your fitness every session. 
The guys are continually improving the gym and developing the provision including yoga, running club, rowing club, personal training as well as the standard classes (which I find the most fun).
I'd never done any real weightlifting or gym movements before this but the coaches really break down the movements. They start with the basics making sure your form is correct while still allowing you to develop and progress. Pretty soon you know your cleans from your jerks and you know the best way to snatch like a pro.
If you are looking to slim down, bulk up or just get out and enjoy a laugh while developing skills and fitness you didn't know you had; then I heartily recommend the place.

​J.S - Great gym, the coaches really know their stuff. I currently have a knee injuries so there's a few things I've struggled with but that's been ok as the coaches find me alternatives I can do and still maintain a quality workout. Brilliant support from the coaches and other members ensure you get a great workout every session. Crossfit is totally addictive, I have been to CFA more times since I joined in January 2016 than I had in the last 4 years at David Lloyd. The atmosphere is fantastic, a real sense of community, no ego's, everyone just gets on with it and has fun too. Don't get me wrong, you will work, you will work like you've never worked before!!

​​From those who know best......