Leanne MichellE
(cROSSFIT COACH AND Personal trainer)


Leanne has over 3 years experience in the fitness industry. She started her career in HR dealing with Employee Relations and managing projects, skills she has found transferred to her Personal Training career perfectly. Leanne’s interest in the fitness industry started similar to most of her clients; in a commercial gym spending hours on the cardio machines and not getting any results. After a bootcamp holiday in Spain she discovered MetaFit. This is where her journey took flight. Her own results helped push her towards becoming an instructor and setting up classes in her local area while still working full time.

Leanne decided on becoming a full time Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach following the success of MetaFit. She was soon introduced to CrossFit, and was instantly addicted! She has successfully used this methodology with clients building her brand around high intensity training, time and task based workouts, some lifts and basic gymnastics enabling her clients to reach their goals. She joined the team at CrossFit Altrincham to enable her to have more access to CrossFit and be surrounded by likeminded coaches. 

Her private coaching is available in 45min slots from £25. 

Amy Redfern
(Crossfit coach AND Personal trainer)



There’s much more to me than your average Personal Trainer, I will be your coach, your motivator, and your number one supporter. Training with me isn't like a military bootcamp, I don't shout orders, I don't count reps, and I can't give you a quick fix. 

During my time as a Personal Trainer, I've worked with a range of different people, of different ages, abilities and with vastly diverse goals. Each client has lead me to progress my knowledge further in order to provide the best and most efficient training, my training methodology and coaching is now fine-tuned. Providing you with awesome, trackable, individual, intense and exciting programming that will get you hooked from the minute you start.

My training uses CrossFit – functional, compound movements - movements that we use in real-world situations in real life and why wouldn't you want to be absolutely awesome at the movements that you do on a day-to-day basis? These movements and short, high intensity bursts have been scientifically proven to be noticeably more effective at achieving desired fitness results.  

Whether or not you are a complete fitness novice, new to the fitness or CrossFit scene or someone looking to up your workout game, my training methodology and experience will see you reach your goals, through scaled and effective workout routines. 

We will squat, lift, push, pull, slam, swing, throw, jump, carry and use a number of variants of these movements; gaining strength, endurance, speed, power, flexibility, and balance among many other attributes – overall fitness. 

Training will not only be effective, it will be fun, diverse and progressive so you’re always getting the most out of yourself and your workout. 

I offer individual coaching and training, coaching for you and a friend or family member and group training.

Fill in the form below or call amy on 07530 282 443 for more details! 

Callum Stewart
(Owner, HEad coach and personal trainer)


CrossFit Level 1 Coach
Personal Training Level 3
Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Sports Therapy
Callum started his sporting career at 10 years of age, with his chosen sport, windsurfing, a demanding sport requiring all aspects of fitness. From the very start he progressed quickly and by 16 was competing and training with TeamGBR. Between meeting his own goals Callum also coached some of the development squads. At the age of 18 Callum made the decision  to stop competing and focus on his education and a career.

Since then Callum has worked in a conventional gym enjoying offering his knowledge and experience to members and guests. CrossFit has given Callum an awesome product to make best use both his coaching skills and sport therapy expertise, and fulfil his own needs, as a coach and as an athlete. 
My first workout was Murph... Any CrossFitters will know this is a truly harsh introduction.
For Time:
1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 squats
1 mile run 
TIME: 55mins

Callum had no knowledge of 'kipping' pull ups so completed all 100 as strict pull-ups. Fair to say he didn't have much left for the press-ups.
Never the less a workout started must be finished.
Without a weight in sight Callum suffered all over body DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness). This feeling spurred Callum to continue with CrossFit and investigate the other disciplines such as Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics. Having now fully immersed himself in CrossFit, Callum believes in the super variety that the overall program brings - every individual session will have a positive impact on the next one, resulting in great benefits for your personal fitness. 

Callum offers 1:1 sessions from CrossFit Altrincham, whether it be understanding the fundamental movements or becoming more advanced in the olympic lifts.
Prices start from £30.​
Nikki Harrison
(Owner, head coach and personal trainer)


CrossFit Level 1 Coach
Personal Training Level 3
​Degree in Sport Development and Coaching
​Fundamental Movements Level 1

Nikki has spent most of his life in and around sport.
From the young age of 9 years, Nikki fell in love with fencing as an extra curricular study at primary school. He excelled at this and soon became under 15's North West regional champion at 14. During this time he also played football recreationally with friends at a local football club. At 15 he left the Isle of Man to pursue a career in football and for 12 years thereafter he chased that dream.

At the age of 26, Nikki retired from football and needed to fill the competitive void that football left. Within the Global Gym (conventional gyms) that Nikki worked at, he started doing CrossFit style work outs: this was the calling he was waiting for.
The first CrossFit workout Nikki did was the 2013 world wide organised week one open workout at 5am which consisted of
Completing as many reps as possible in 17 minutes of:
40 burpees
75 pound snatch, 30 reps
30 burpees
135 pound snatch, 30 reps
20 burpees
165 pound snatch, 30 reps
10 burpees
210 pound snatch, as many reps as possible    

Initially Nikki didn't know how to snatch, so the workout was scaled to performing clean and jerks. After this, Nikki needed to find a real affiliate; so in the summer of 2013 he joined Train Manchester. Under some of the best coaches in Britain Nikki started to finely tune the new movements that were taught to him.  These movements were then transferred to his personal training clients thereafter.

Nikki believes in the benefits of functional movements and feels that gym equipment leaves much to be desired and that there is nothing better than a barbell, kettle bell and your body weight.

Nikki also provides one to one sessions within the Box if you are looking for that extra bit of programming or if you have something you want to specifically focus on.
Prices start from £30.


TEL: 01619291808